Jacksonville education company selected for prominent international partnership.

Jacksonville education company selected for prominent international partnership.

Jacksonville, Florida: Citizens High was selected as a partner in bringing high-quality online education to students in Romania. The forty-year-old company based in Jacksonville, Florida, beat out an impressive group of competitors and joins LAN Team Solutions (LTS) in offering innovative online coursework that will allow Romanian students to earn an American High School diploma.

“Citizens High School is a pioneer in online education,” says CEO Dr. James Etter. “We are actively building partnerships nationwide and around the globe that will help not only bring top-notch education to students who hunger for the chance to learn, but also bring our world just that much closer together.” LAN students will access the CHS IT Academy, which features open enrollment and access to popular courses. It is available to all US high school students, as well.

LTS Co-Founders, Lucia & Adrian Negreanu, found themselves battling the ravages of COVID, which decimated in-person education in Eastern Europe. “Closures and restricted access made learning almost impossible for our students,” Lucia Negreanu stated. “CHS was exactly the solution we needed to bridge the gap between what was available in Romania and a high-quality US education.”

The LAN Academy, which started in 2014 as the main project of LTS, was created to meet the ever-growing demand for STEM programming. In addition to providing much-needed access to course materials, CHS matched Adrian Negreanu’s desire to bring STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics) programs to their students. “The CHS program is challenging, well-balanced, and exactly what a young student needs to get well-prepared for their next steps into an adult career,” said Negreanu.

An early pilot program already celebrated its first graduate, Cristian Nita, in late 2020—and he was met with immediate opportunities! Cristian has been accepted into the University of London, where he will focus his studies on Computer Science.

“We are excited that CHS can help close the global achievement gap crisis for skilled IT workers,” says Dr. Etter. “I am confident we will have a long and prosperous partnership between our IT Academy and accredited high school diploma program with the Negreanu’s LAN Academy and other groups.”

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